Our loaves are more than just gluten-free, dairy-free bread.

Most people get a surprise the first time they pick up one of our loaves. Each recipe is rich with seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables, so it’s easy to feel more than satisfied after just one slice.

We use carefully selected ingredients - local, organic where we can – and prepare everything ourselves. We roast our pumpkins and whole beetroots, shred crispy apples and fresh carrots...it doesn't look like a regular bakery, because we're making more than just gluten-free bread.

You’ll find our handmade fruit and savoury loaves in all sorts of different venues across Melbourne and wider Victoria. Our retail loaves are stocked in local grocers and health food stores; and you can find us on the menu in cafes where talented chefs prepare amazing plates with slices from our catering range.

Our handmade loaves appeal to people with all sorts of different food tastes as well as catering for dietary requirements. We believe that nothing should compromise on flavour and love creating a range that everyone can enjoy.

Our savoury loaves:

  • Pumpkin, Quinoa & Chia seed
  • Buckwheat, Caraway & Linseed (V)
  • Beetroot, Pomegranate & Fennel (V)
  • Golden Tumeric & Cardamon (V)

Our fruit loaves:

  • Original Fruit & Seed (V) 
  • Banana, Honey & Coconut
  • Apple, Date, Walnut & Fig (V)
  • Mixed Berry 

Baked daily in our Melbourne kitchen, we deliver fresh loaves that can be enjoyed for up to 14 days.