Our professional backgrounds are very different, but we share a common love of cooking and feeding friends and family with healthy, tasty food.

Jen has worked on projects for a variety of organisations across Melbourne and in London. After 15 years she left her career in change management and communications to focus on both creative and freelance writing. 

Since setting up the first coffee cart at the Arts Centre, Kevin has owned cafes in and around Melbourne. He began making fruit loaves in his cafe in Armadale because he wanted to offer something that didn’t have any added sugar, salt, butter or oil.

They quickly became a local favourite which we wanted to share with all of our customers, including those with specific dietary requirements.

We’ve developed our gluten-free and dairy-free range based on fundamentals that apply to everything we make:

  • You can see the natural ingredients in every slice (we don’t have anything to hide)
  • Dietary restrictions shouldn’t compromise taste

We use local suppliers and ingredients as much as possible and enjoy building relationships across Melbourne’s café community. Oliver Lane is our food journey, where a simple slice of toast becomes a nutritious, natural and delicious meal.

Kevin and Jen.

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